Monday, July 9, 2012

My notes - Sociology Paper-1

My Pubad notes

Note -
1. These notes do not cover the entire syllabus and are very synoptic. They may as well be useless to you.
2. Under the questions in PA-2, the points jotted down are not necessarily meant to be included in the answer - related and relevant info has also been scribbled there in case such a question is asked.
3. Please ignore the occasional doodles / gibberish / unparliamentary matter that you may come across - Such a journey does play tricks on one's mind sometimes :)
4. The handwriting varies from illegible to not so bad, depending upon the writer's mood. Kindly bear.
5. If someone can help me consolidate this into a single pdf, please volunteer. I do not have Adobe Professional on my system.